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In a collaborative divorce, spouses work together to reach agreements on child custody, division of property, alimony, and other important matters. It is an approach that is similar to mediation, and one that most Arlington family lawyers would recommend if it is at all possible. This method can save you the both the financial stress of costly court fees and the mental stress of a lengthy and emotional trial.

A collaborative divorce requires open communication and honesty from both spouses at all times. Your attorney can work with both of you to ensure that cooler heads prevail when it comes to potentially heated topics like child support. When children are in the picture, you may have to deal with your ex-spouse in some capacity for years to come. By working out solutions with a collaborative approach, you can pave the way for an easier future.

You might think that a collaborative divorce is not possible for your situation—but you might be surprised. With the help of a skilled Arlington family lawyer, even a complex case with high assets and multiple properties can be resolved outside of the courtroom.

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Not every divorce has to be a knock-down, drag-out fight. With a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can resolve problems with civility and respect. Our Arlington family lawyers have years of experience representing clients through Texas family law matters of all kinds, including collaborative divorces as well as trial divorces. We have the skills and knowledge to guide you through every step and help you reach agreements that will benefit you both. To discuss whether a collaborative divorce would be right for you, contact us and schedule a free consultation with a top Arlington family lawyer today.