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Everyone makes sacrifices. During your marriage, you gave up a career to care for your children and your home, while your spouse acted as the primary breadwinner. But now you and your spouse are divorcing, and you’ve been out of your field for years. Your skills have grown rusty and dated, and any references or job leads may be vague at best. You know that you have the skills and ability to reenter the job market, but you need a little time to make it happen—and support to keep you afloat along the way.

If this sounds like your situation, talk to your Arlington family lawyer about the possibility of rehabilitative alimony. Unlike permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony is not meant to last indefinitely. In Texas rehabilitative alimony is usually restricted to three years at most. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to allow you time and support while you go back to school, build your résumé, and otherwise work toward becoming full self-sufficient.

Not everyone is eligible for rehabilitative alimony. If you already have a career and a salary that is within a fair range of your spouse’s, for example, the court may rule that you already have the means to adequately support yourself. Discussing your case with an experienced Arlington family lawyer can help you determine whether rehabilitative alimony might be right for you.

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