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Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

Whether your divorce was conducted through the courts or mediation, chances are you and your spouse had to come to many agreements on important financial issues in order to settle your affairs. Once the papers are signed and the process is over, you and your spouse are expected to abide by those agreements.

Sometimes, unfortunately, a spouse succumbs to spite and bitterness over the divorce or the arrangements made in its wake. When this happens, he or she may lash out with vindictive behavior. This can take the form of sabotaging attempts to sell a house when the plan is to split the proceeds, or it can be refusing to make alimony or child support payments. When a spouse really digs his or her heels in, you may feel helpless—but in fact, you have a way to fight back. When one spouse fails to hold up his or her end of a settlement agreement, talk to an Arlington family lawyer about having that settlement legally enforced by a court judge. If your spouse is found guilty of contempt, he or she could be sentenced to heavy fines, wage garnishment, or even jail time depending on the severity of the infraction.

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