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Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond that cannot be denied. But where do you fit in when a divorce occurs? The laws concerning grandparents’ rights in Texas always seem to be changing, but consulting with an experienced Arlington family lawyer can help you make sense of your options regarding visitation and custody of your grandchildren.

If your child loses custody, you may be frightened that your grandchildren are out of your life forever. Thanks to changing grandparents’ rights laws, this is not necessarily true. A skilled Arlington family lawyer can help you prove to the courts that you have played a key role in the lives of your grandchildren, helping to raise them and providing shelter. With the right case, you may be able to arrange visitation or even joint custody.

In some cases, grandparents in Texas may be able to apply for full custody of grandchildren. This could be a viable option if your grandchildren are currently in a dangerous environment, or if both parents are potentially unfit or unavailable to provide proper care. An Arlington family lawyer may also be able to help grandparents work out an informal custody agreement with parents, in which parents can give grandparents authority to make major decisions as guardians without giving up full parental rights.

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Your love for your grandchildren is limitless: don’t let a divorce beyond your control take that away from you. At our law office, our Arlington family lawyers have years of experience representing clients in all aspects of Texas family law, including grandparents’ rights to custody and visitation. To discuss your rights as grandparents, contact us and schedule a free consultation with a top Arlington family lawyer today.