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Transitional Alimony

Divorces are all about transitions. Unfortunately, greatly differing financial statuses can make one spouse’s transition back into single life much easier than the other’s. If this is your situation, talk to your Arlington family lawyer immediately about the possibility of transitional alimony.

Transitional alimony is not a permanent solution. Much like “rehabilitative alimony,” the main goal of transitional alimony is to help you land safely on your feet after a divorce. Transitional alimony may be paid out in monthly installments, or all at once in a lump sum. It may give you the funds you need to find and furnish suitable housing, and properly provide for yourself and your children while you work toward finding employment. Once you are able to live dependently from your spouse, alimony will be terminated—in most cases, there is a maximum time limit to make sure this is enforced.

Transitional alimony can make a major difference in the lives of those who need it, but not everyone is eligible. If you think you could be a candidate for transitional alimony, review your case with a skilled Arlington family lawyer.

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Our Arlington family lawyers have years of experience representing clients in all aspects of Texas family law, including different forms of alimony. We are dedicated to the strong advocacy of our clients’ needs, whether you are seeking long-term support or a relatively small sum to ease your transition to the next stage of life. For more information on alimony, or to discuss your case, contact us and schedule a free consultation with a top Arlington family lawyer today.